We always receive rich images from art.

the artworks inspired by the mystery of the universe, surrounded by nature where the spirit of physics (science) dwells, feeling the fluctuation of the existence that appears and disappears. The premonition that a single extending thread would lead us to the truth. No one can escape the flow of time. Between the beginning and the end, we travel in search of the eternal truth. The richness that art brings us fills us up in the rapidly changing material world.

We are professionals with different backgrounds and specialties who are active in various fields related to art. The “coordinators” who have been connected in their activities will introduce their favorite “art pieces like precious jewels” as free individual life forms, transcending all biases and boundaries.

– FJ



Lives in Osaka

I believe that art is to think through sight and recognize the existence that surrounds us. By immersing ourselves in the art world, we will encounter diverse perceptions – the shining stars.

Art project:
The Ritz-Carlton Xi’an, 2019/ MixC Shenzhen Bay, 2018/ The MixC World Shenzhen, Public Art Project, 2017/ Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto, 2016/ Lujiazui Shanghai Harbour City, Public Art Project, 2016-2018/ The Ritz-Carlton Kyoto, 2014/ Mandarin Oriental Pudong, Shanghai, 2013/ Palace Hotel Tokyo, 2012/ St. Regis Osaka, 2010/ HAT KOBE, 1998/ Queen’s Square Yokohama, 1997/ Faret Tachikawa, 1994, etc.


Lives in Shanghai / Seoul

Exhibition operating in gallery in Shanghai, Limited Edition Prints making with Korean, Chinese and Western artists. Cooperate with Korean Ceramic/ Porcelain artists. China Jingdezhen International Ceramic Fair. Organize art class and art tours in Shanghai, etc.


Lives in Shenzhen

Majored in Arts Management, she has been working in art industry for almost 10 years. Starting from artist and gallery marketing to commission art projects management (e.g Ritz Carlton Xi’an, Mandarin Oriental Shenzhen, The MIXC Shenzhen Bay), her work aims at connecting art with our daily life.

Currently she is working as art consultant for hotel projects and helping international artists for promotion and artwork production in China.


Lives in Shanghai
Founder of GNP ART and FROOTS Gallery

Founded and operated art galleries for nearly 10 years, participated in the curation of more than 50 exhibitions in Shanghai, Beijing, Suzhou and Jingdezhen, and actively promoted the connection between art projects and environmental improvement, humanistic care and cross-cultural communication. She believes that art is a spiritual force that can promote social innovation and ideological progress.


Lives in Luxembourg

Mayuka Kato Doja has been active in the art and design world for over 10 years, including management of international art festivals and art projects, production supervision of artworks, curation of exhibitions, venue design, and graphic design.

Art project:
The Westin Yokohama, 2022/ Toranomon Hills Residential Tower, 2022/ Mandarin Oriental Shenzhen, 2022/ The Ritz Carlton Xi’an, 2019/ MixC Shenzhen Bay, 2018/ Le Méridien Shenyang, Heping, 2017/ JP Tower Nagoya, 2016/ Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto, 2016/ Solaria Nishitetsu Hotel Soul, 2015, etc.


Lives in Shanghai

Art project:

Xitan Hotel Beijing, 2022/ Mandarin Oriental, Shenzhen, 2022/ The Ritz-Carlton Xi’an, 2019/ Le Méridien Shenyang, Heping, 2017/ Mandarin Oriental Pudong, Shanghai, 2013/ Twelve at Hengshan, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Shanghai, 2012/ Park Hyatt Shanghai, 2008, etc.

Commercial Facilities:
NEW BUND 31, Shanghai, 2023/ City Lane, Wuhan, 2020/ Embankment Square Shanghai, 2020 / Lujiazui Shanghai Harbour City, 2016-2018/ MixC Shenzhen Bay, 2018/ The MixC World Shenzhen, 2017, etc.


Lives in Shanghai / Hong Kong

Kate Jones is a creative director based in Shanghai with two decades of experience curating and activating experiential interior spaces for luxury retail and hotel brands. Working closely with artists and craftspeople, she strives to create authentic designs that tell a story and reflect the brand and location. Her work includes collaborations with brands such as Net-a-Porter, Mr Porter, Rosewood Hotel Group, Cire Trudon, Hermes, Bulthaup and the Ritz Carlton, Xi’an.

Noga Hui

Lives in Tel Aviv

Noga Zhanghui Shahar has over 20 years of art-world experience. Her diverse education began at Peking University where she studied Hebrew Literature, and continued at Haifa University (Israel) where she specialized in comparative literature.  Soon her passion for art led her to broaden her artistic expertise by studying painting with famed Israeli artists; specializing in stage design at Tel Aviv University; and taking courses on etching and art history at Stanford University (the United States).   

Noga Z. Shahar keeps close contact with artists all over the world.  She is the principal organizer of over 50 exhibitions and a variety of art projects, including exhibitions at the Museum of CAFA (Beijing); the Today Museum (Beijing); the Himalayas Museum (Shanghai); and the international project “The palace of Shattered Vessels,” which is dedicated to a dynamic dialogue between contemporary modern design and the ancient tradition of Chinese porcelain.

Noga Z. Shahar is the Chief Curator of a leading gallery and a public art company.