Lives and works in Munich.

1979 Born in Jerusalem, Israel
2007-2012 Diploma (Meister Schuler), Prof. Otto Kuenzli Class for Jewelry and objects, The Academy of Fine Arts Munich (DE)


Attai Chen was born in 1979 in Jerusalem, Israel. He creates contemporary art jewelry and wall sculptures. Chen’s work features powerful conceptual and aesthetic expression, on the one hand, and exquisite but innovative craft, on the other hand.
Both of Chen’s parents, Eva Chen- Tolkovsky and Shlomi Chen, graduated from the Bezalel Academy of Art, Jerusalem. And his stepfather, with whom he had been living since the age of eight, is the prominent Israeli painter Zvi Tolkovsky. They influenced Chen to study art at a very young age.Chen passed his childhood and adolescence in Motza Illit, a picturesque village near Jerusalem in the Judah mountains bordering the Judah Desert. It is surrounded by Mediterranean forests of pine trees and orchards of olive trees… with a water reservoir nearby. Chen was exposed to the ecosystem- the process of Nature’s creation and life cycles. It fascinated him so much that he was to explore this subject in most of his artworks. He took agriculture lessons in the village schools, possibly through which he learned to value highly working in hands. Later, Chen joined a socialist commune in Hanita in the north of Israel as National Service for one year. He and the other members shared everything and worked in the banana field. Chen remembered it as the most beautiful period in his life.
Chen’s Academic art education began with a major in jewelry at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. His jewelry characterizes miniature sculpture, in metals initially and in wood and paper later. In recent years, this feature brought him naturally to create wall sculptures with the same materials.

By Noga Zhang Shahar

” The present series of works relies primarily on recycled paper as the source material collected in fragments and compiled.
In nature, I have observed, and always been intrigued by the cyclical motion of growth aiming for and reaching the fleeting moment of its realization, the subsequent consummation of this moment, decay and a new beginning.
In today’s society, we imitate this cyclical and “inexhaustible” natural process in motion for self-preservation, to sustain and to protect. The process of recycling also follows the pattern of growth, culmination, consummation, and decay only to begin again.
It is my intention in these works to trace and create forms that capture the unfolding of this cyclical process in a man-made world.
In my work, I wish to capture the aesthetic beauty in this somewhat destitute condition and follow a process of unraveling growth to a fully evolved form, that has emerged from fragments of piled up discarded scrap material, tangible yet transitory. “

– Attai Chen


Untitled ("Compounding Fraction")

Paper, Wood, Paint, Oxidized Iron
107 x 77 x 48 cm

Untitled ("Compounding Fraction" Wall Object No. 10), 2018

Paper, Wood, Paint, Brass
75 x 30 x 25 cm

Untitled ("Compounding Fraction" Wall Object No. 7), 2018

Paper, Wood, Paint, Brass
50 x 48 x 17 cm

Untitled ("Compounding Fraction" Wall Object No. 9), 2018

Paper, Wood, Paint, Brass
75 x 30 x 25 cm

Untitled ("Compounding Fraction" Wall Object No. 8), 2018

Paper, Wood, Paint, Brass
50 x 60 x 20 cm

Untitled ("Compounding Fraction")

Paper, Wood, Paint, Brass
120 x 90 x 30 cm