Lives and works in Oita.

1974 Born in Osaka, Japan
Graduated from Waseda University’s Faculty of Commerce (JP)

Nakatomi served his apprenticeship under Shoryu Honda until he established his own studio in 2005. When Nakatomi first met bamboo art, he was an ordinary university student who majored in business marketing. Bamboo art was such an irresistible beauty, he instantly decided to pursue his carrier as a bamboo artist. Nakatomi not only holds exhibitions at museums and galleries, he also develops bamboo artworks for public space in hotels and commercial complexes.

” I believe that expressing the mystery of bamboo is my mission in life. Bamboo has long been used in Japanese Shinto rituals as a sacred plant that wards off evil due to its astonishing growth rate and evergreen characteristics. In order to bring out the charm of bamboo, instead of using traditional methods which emphasize the texture of the material, I create works using paradoxical methods.

Geometric forms such as ○△□ give an inorganic impression that does not look natural at first glance, but if you look closely, you can feel the natural fluctuations of bamboo. The quiet voice with a fluctuation of 1/f is contrasted and emphasized by geometric modeling. (Prism series)

Moreover, the expression of various colors using dyes and colored lacquer gives a sense of modernity and creates a mysterious poetry that differs from traditional bamboo crafts. (Prism/ Frill/ Auspicious 8 series)

Combining the stillness of weaving and the dynamism of modeling in a work also adds to the mystique of bamboo. This is due to the amphoteric nature of bamboo, which has straight fibers and can withstand curved shapes. (Frill /FLY series) “

– Hajime Nakatomi


Auspicious 8 : spectrum, 2014

63 x 68 x 37 cm

Frill : cloud 03, 2021

78,5 x 30 x 34,5 cm

Frill Ⅲ-04, 2020

87 x 33 x 38 cm

Frill 09, 2019

55 x 35 x 37 cm

Auspicious 8 : tension 02, 2017

38,5 x 20 x 20 cm

Prism Ellipse : blessed cloud, 2019

106 x 15 x 112 cm