Hirotoshi Sawada

Lives and works in Aichi.

Born in Aichi, Japan
Graduating from Osaka University of Arts

“Ideas appear suddenly in the act of searching. It is important to notice the potential of chance encounters and phenomena that we experience on a daily basis. This work begins with flat material which is then modelled in to a 3 dimensional form, this being the simplest method of modelling it can thus be applied to almost any form. My theme is the body from human to animal, from the wings of the condor to the posture of a dog. Rather than an exact replication of the body a form is created based on the relationship between the experience of reality and the flat surface of the material. This thus creates a NEW form that encapsulates the experience of reality and the way we perceive the body.”

– Hirotoshi Sawada


NUDE human body (female)

PP (polypropylene)
H170 cm

cow neck

H60 cm

Dog (Siberian Husky)

54-60 cm

ROBBIN Mascot of SSD

H88 cm

crocodile neck

H60 cm


Paper or PP (polypropylene)
85 cm

wings of condor

Stainless Mesh
W360 cm

horse neck

H60 cm