Lives and works in Berlin and Nasu.

1956 Born in Kagoshima, Japan
1980 B.F.A. in traditional Japanese painting at Tama Art University (JP)
1982 M.F.A. at Tama Art University (JP)


” The sun, electric light, or fire – they are too glaring to look straight at the source. But they show us various other expressions if we give them careful treatments. Look at the swinging spots of sunshine filtered by foliage, or the patches of jewel-like lights in changing colors through stained-glass windows of a cathedral.

Embraced by lights, a feeling of serene contentment grows inside us and the wonderful feeling fills us up. Everyone might have experienced such a feeling, but why do we feel like that?

Since 1993 when I made an unexpected encounter with the light, I have kept thinking of lights. I believe that when tiny pearls of light pour on us, some type of light that resides inside our body wakes up to breathe. I imagine we have a small element of light in each small cell that composes our body, and when we meet a beautiful harmony of lights, all the small lights begin to quiver in each cell in resonance with the external light. Synchronous trembling of subtle lights inside all the cells of our whole body could grow into a big, conceivable vibration to make us feel a wonderful sensation of fulfillment.

I imagine that the small particles of light inside our body are what our spirit is made of. And if our heart is a mirror that reflects the spirit, watching the light is looking at our spirit itself.

I cannot give up thinking like that. “

– Hitomi Uchikura


Gouttes de Lune 2021-XIX, 2021

Silver and Chrome Plated on Copper
79 x 64 x 28 cm

Bright Cells_black

Mirror, Leather, FRP

Gouttes de Lune 2021-XVI, 2021

Silver and Chrome Plated on Copper

Bright Cells_natural

Mirror, Leather, FRP

Gouttes de Lune 2021-XVII, 2021

Silver and Chrome Plated on Copper
98.5 x 48 x 18.5 cm


Mirror, FRP, Ceramic
φ45 x 80 cm (Left), φ61.5 x 56 cm (Center), φ45 x 49 cm (Right)


Forge on Aluminium, Mirror, etc.
φ 100 x 38 cm


Deboss and Cutting on Paper
114 x 200 cm