Lives and works in Mexico City.

1960 Born in Mexico City
Graduated from Università nazionale autonoma del Messico

At the beginning of the 21st century he received awards such as “Artist of the Year” by the Sur-Vancouver Cultural Project and the First Prize in the II International Exhibition of Ultra-actual Art. Brasilia, Brazil.

Part of his success as an artist is due to the fact that he usually endows his works with symbolic values, ritualizes the processes and is always attentive to unexpected situations derived from the emotional-reasoned dialogue with the public.

He states that as an object sculptor, he is seeking to expand the limits of the three-dimensional perception of his art objects, and for this he has established a symbiotic relationship with the vitreous material known in Mexico as obsidian. He creates fine sculptures in which he controls the clarity and creates surfaces capable of deforming the reflections, so that attentive viewers can find themselves and perhaps discover that their image is part of a dynamic micro world that exists for their eyes and only from the point where they are.

For his Relational Art processes, he considers that the “moment-work” is built from the convergence of the different points of view on shared reasons between the viewers and the artist, who must be the catalyst that facilitates the processes between space, time, the art object and the public-symbiont and create the Symbiotic Fusion Point where together, they will develop a new cultural ecosystem in which the work will establish and the participants, among other things, will recognize its transformative capacity.

” My primary research on obsidian is based on the search for the possibilities of interaction between space, the spectator, the sculptural object and my desire to stress and / or harmonize these elements. I also work to understand why objects can be sacred and how anyone can empower them. “

– Jorge Ismael Rodríguez