Lives and works in Osaka.
1960  Born in Osaka, Japan

” I have been familiar with calligraphy since I was a child and have been active mainly in holding solo exhibitions in that line. In 1990, I encountered ceramics. Every time I turned the potter’s wheel, I could feel the passion that welled up from my heart. When I started to manage to make ceramic works that I was satisfied with, I also realized that something was missing here and that there should be a way to express more of myself. Before long, there was naturally a “character” familiar to my body. This is how my original work was born. Currently, I am focusing on creating works that fuse calligraphy and ceramics. 

Since my encounter with ceramics, I have created various kinds of works such as Oribe, Kohiki, iron painting, etc. But among them, I am most devoted to “Sueki”. Sueki is a typical Japanese pottery that was born from ancient times to the Middle Ages. I think the appeal of Sueki is the depth and beauty inherent in pottery, such as subtle colors and unflattering appearance. I find a way to express my outpouring of passion in Sueki, a locally originating pottery, and pursue expressions that are full of originality. “

– Keiseki Yoshimi


Sue pottery C

41 x 50 x 50 cm

work 4, 2019

26 x 26 x 37 cm

Sue pottery B

58 x 56 x 56 cm

work 3, 2019

31 x 31 x 31 cm

Sue pottery A

54 x 54 x 54 cm

work 1, 2019

25 x 32 x 32  cm