Lives and works in Tokyo.

1971 Born in Tokyo
1994 Ggraduated from Musashino Art University (JP)
2003 Completion of a course from Art University Kassel (DE)

” I create works using a variety of materials and techniques through the work of continuing, dividing, or reconsidering the passage of time and the placement of perspectives on everyday familiar objects and events.

“aroundthepot”, a three-dimensional one-stroke drawing that outlines the trajectory of the continuous movement of the viewpoint when looking at the still life motif on the table.

“Rock-scissors-paper”, which is a three-dimensional figure that connects the trajectory of the hand movement of ‘rock’, ‘scissors’, and ‘paper’ in a circular shape.

“Tsugitsugikintsugi”, a collection of tableware that is no longer used and put together by Kintsugi
* Kintsugi : a traditional Japanese art form, where broken porcelain or earthenware is repaired using resin or lacquer mixed with powdered and liquid gold. 

– Masayuki Kishimoto


When the Lily Turns Around, 2009

Paint on Steel
100 × 75 × 70 cm

Rock-Scissors-Paper, 2015

Nylon Resin 3D Printed
45 x 45 x 23 cm

Columnarcrystal, 2021

200 x 400 cm

Around the Pot #1, 2002

Paint on Steel
40 × 40 × 35 cm

Teapot, 2003

Wood, Plaster
24 x 27 x 85 cm

Columnarcrystal, 2021

200 x 400 cm

When the Lily Turns Around, 2009

Degital Drawing
Variable Size

Cats, 2005

Styrofoam Plaster
145 x 57 x 40 cm

Tsugitsugikintsugi, 2015